CSR in Arab Countries – CSR Series MENA

CSR in Arab countries – CSR Series MENA

International CSR expert lectures at Amman Arab University

Amman Arab University was today honoured with the presence of Drs Daan Elffers, Founder and CEO of EMG CSR Consultancy (www.emg-csr.com), the international consultancy for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) headquartered in The Netherlands. It marked the first time that the Amman Arab University has had an external expert speak on the topic of corporate responsibility.

Drs Elffers’ visit to Amman coincided with a series of conferences organized by the Vision Institute for Civil Society & Good Governance Studies (www.vicss.org.jo) and was in relation to a project on leveraging the potential of CSR in Jordan which is an initiative of the Embassy of The Netherlands in Amman.

After a short introduction about EMG, Drs Elffers explained the definition of CSR, the urgent need for its implementation on a global scale, and the great potential for business through sustainable development.
Drs Elffers encouraged students to think outside the box and consider that CSR can focus on ‘doing more good’ socially and environmentally in addition to its economic perspectives. He stressed that many organizations would have to take a new mindset on board to achieve new holistic outcomes in this respect. “It’s a great positive challenge for the next generation of professionals,” he said.

After the lecture, Dr Younes Megdadi, the Business School Academic Dean, presented Drs Elffers with the university plaque. (photo)

Dr Mohdnazih Hamdi, Vice President, Amman Arab University: “The lecture by Drs Daan Elffers on CSR and sustainable development was very interesting and an enriching experience for Amman Arab University staff and students. I have received very positive feedback, and can see how it has helped create more positive attitudes towards care for the environment, and sustainability. We would like to thank Drs Elffers again for his acceptance of our invitation, and we look forward to further cooperation with EMG on this important topic.”

Drs Elffers: “I would very much like to thank the Amman Arab University for their warm welcome to the university today, and for making time for me to speak with students, faculty members and management on the important topic of sustainable development and CSR. I am impressed to see that CSR already has a place in the curriculum, and the level to which the principles of sustainability, such as the use of renewable energy, are directly implemented. I look forward to expanding the working relationship between the Amman Arab University and EMG, and working together towards the creation of a more sustainable and prosperous future through education.”

EMG CSR Consultancy works with businesses, governments and non-profit organizations worldwide, helping them to become more prosperous through sustainable development.

Article: CSR in arab countries – CSR Series MENA