EMG Group is a specialist advisory firm for strategic sustainability and social responsibility, or ESG.

Founded in 2004, EMG has built a strong track record in guiding leadership teams through the complexities of sustainable development in a fast-paced world; from establishing a clear ESG roadmap through the development of strategy and policy, to stakeholder engagement and training of employees, EMG will provide unrivalled support from start to completion.

Here are some of the reasons why others have chosen EMG as their preferred partner for ESG:

Trusted partner
For more than 20 years, EMG has been the first choice in ESG advisory for governments, businesses and not-for-profit organizations worldwide. Our unique blend of deep insight, coupled with our extensive international experience, make EMG a trusted partner for realizing long-term profit and growth through sustainability and social responsibility on a major scale. A signatory of the UN Global Compact, EMG is also a registered vendor to the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM). Complying with the UNGM Code of Conduct, and providing services which adhere to the standards set by the United Nations.

EMG’s Advisory Board is chaired by Prince Pieter-Christiaan of Oranje-Nassau of the Netherlands. The Netherlands, historically, has an excellent reputation for its high public awareness and advanced approach to sustainable development and ESG, being among the first countries in the world to implement the green economy on a significant scale.

Positive, strategic approach
Many companies today take a conventional approach to ESG, focusing largely on minimizing energy consumption, reducing material use, and other forms of cost efficiency. But how does a strategy focused on less help an organization to achieve more? EMG takes a unique, and much more positive, integrated, and strategic approach to ESG, coupling sustainable development with organizational objectives of economic, social and environmental prosperity and growth. Such an approach has the proven capacity to yield desirable outcomes quickly and efficiently, while priming organizations for a secure and prosperous future.







International expertise, local understanding
Fully specialized in strategic ESG and sustainable development, EMG has experience in supporting organizations in a diverse range of sectors, all over the world. With native fluency in more than 20 languages, EMG’s project management and research teams are bespoke for each client, ensuring an excellent understanding of client’s industry, culture and stakeholders.

Through our award-winning core team of senior advisors and expert consultants, strengthened by our diverse international network of sustainability management specialists, we enable organizations to gain access to the very best minds in ESG so you do not miss a single opportunity.

Recognized thought leader
Over the years, EMG has become a recognized authority in its field. The winner of numerous international awards for its quality service and generated impact, EMG is regularly invited as a keynote speaker and international expert to share its thoughts and opinions on the most important trends in ESG.

EMG was elected as the Chair of CSR Summit Dubai, the longest-running conference for sustainable development in the region, serving as a judge on the inaugural CSR Excellence Awards. EMG maintains strong ties with some of the world’s leading universities and serves frequently as a peer reviewer and editor of academic journals.

We practice what we preach
We advocate that to transform the world into a sustainable one, we must be ambitious, build on our strengths, integrate ESG into the DNA of the organization, and think systemically – placing ‘effectiveness’ before ‘efficiency’.

In 2015, after extensive research, and having built up considerable practical experience supporting businesses, government entities, and NGOs in Muslim majority countries, we concluded that mainstream reporting standards appeared to lack local relevance and support in the Islamic community. Understanding the transcending nature of Islamic corporate culture and its compatibility with ESG, we sought to develop a new framework that would capture and capitalize on these elements.

Together with our partners, we thus led the creation of the world’s first reporting framework for ESG based on Islamic values – the Islamic Reporting Initiative (IRI) – as part of EMG’s own contribution to corporate social responsibility. EMG provided the initial funding of EUR 230,000 (no related party transactions) and office space, through an in-kind contribution valued at EUR 25,000. To this day, EMG Founder Drs Daan Elffers has performed all IRI-related duties pro bono.

We see this as possibly the most powerful example of our genuine passion for the subject; our strategic vision in action; and our ability to steer positive change. Significantly, we put our money where our mouth is.