Welcome to EMG’s Sustainability Training and Capacity Building service. Here, we offer workshops, training sessions, and educational materials to empower your team with sustainability knowledge and skills. In today’s dynamic business world, internal sustainability capacity is vital for organizations aiming to make a positive impact.


Investing in sustainability training and capacity building enables organizations to equip their teams with the necessary expertise. This expertise helps navigate complex sustainability challenges, implement best practices, and drive continuous improvement. By fostering a sustainability culture, training empowers employees to align efforts with strategic goals.

How it Works

Our service caters to your organization’s needs with diverse training formats like workshops, webinars, and e-learning modules. Our trainers cover topics such as sustainability reporting and stakeholder engagement, offering practical insights for implementation. By collaborating closely with clients, we develop customized programs tailored to their specific needs, objectives, and industry context.

The Benefits
  • Enhanced Competence: Training empowers employees with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage and report on sustainability initiatives. This enhances their competence and confidence in addressing sustainability challenges.
  • Improved Performance: Building internal capacity in sustainability leads to improved performance and efficiency. This is seen in implementing sustainability initiatives, driving measurable results and impact.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: A well-trained workforce enhances stakeholder engagement by demonstrating the organization’s commitment to sustainability. This fosters meaningful dialogue with investors, customers, and other stakeholders.
  • Innovation and Collaboration: Training fosters innovation and collaboration by encouraging employees to explore new ideas and share best practices. This collaboration drives continuous improvement and innovation in sustainability projects.
Partner with Us for Sustainable Success

At EMG, we’re committed to helping organizations build internal capacity in sustainability and drive positive impact. Our experienced trainers develop customized programs tailored to your needs, empowering your

Sustainability Training
Sustainability Training

team to lead the way in sustainability. Contact us to learn more about how our services can support your organization’s sustainability journey.