Environmental responsibility initiatives Alturki Group

Khalid Ali Alturki & Sons (Alturki) is a family-owned leading investment and development company that has been operating in Saudi Arabia since 1975. Its subsidiaries and joint venture companies are focused on construction and infrastructure, building materials, real estate, oil field services, renewable energy, information and communication technologies, and general industrial sectors in Saudi Arabia and in the neighbouring Arab countries. The company has been selected as one of the 100 fastestgrowing Saudi companies for three years in a row, and was among the top 10 companies recognized for the quality of its working environment in Saudi Arabia in 2009. Its CEO is a founding member of the Board of Trustees of the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED).

The company has a CSR department and a comprehensive CSR strategy and roll-out plan.
It follows the pillars of the triple bottom line, and cooperates with various other entities to do so:
• People (Education for Employment partnership);
• Planet (Prince Saud Bin Naif Park & Arab Forum for Environment and Development); and
• Profit (the Pearl Initiative).

The company actively cooperates with:
1. Mentor Arabia: committed to advocating substance abuse prevention and promoting the health and wellbeing of children and young people in the Arab world;
2. the Arab Forum for Environment and Development: a non-profit regional non-governmental organisation promoting prudent environmental policies and programmes across the Arab region;
3. the Pearl Initiative: a private sector non-profit organisation set up to improve transparency, accountability, and business practices in the Gulf region;
4. Education for Employment (EFE): an affiliated network of locally-run non-profit organisations in MENA; it provides young people with training in vocational and professional skills in high demand by the local labour market and connects graduates to jobs; and
5. the Arab Thought Foundation: dedicated to promoting the Nation’s principles, values, and ethics in an atmosphere of responsible freedom.

The latest CSR Initiatives are:
Environmental responsibility initiatives: Park “Prince Saud Bin Naif”
This park has been designed to cater to everyone’s wishes, regardless of gender, age, and cultural background, and to indulge the mind, body and soul. Its design also allows full accessibility for the disabled. Al Turki specifically wished the park to be a beacon of learning and knowledge, where visitors can acquire new skills and understand universal human values to help them become a more positive force in their communities.
In order to create a positive model for the integration of people with disabilities within their communities, the park includes services and tools to facilitate access for such individuals (a private entrance for wheelchair users; an introduction to routes and information points throughout the park for the visually impaired, the installation of an audio system that works automatically to guide visitors through the park boundaries, and a visual presentation to translate written text into sign language for those with impaired hearing).