Founded in the Netherlands in 2004, EMG is a boutique advisory firm focused exclusively on improving ESG performance. With an experienced team of about 20 consultants, we work with businesses, government, and nonprofit organizations worldwide. Our services include reporting, strategic development and implementation, and training. EMG has held United Nations Global Marketplace registration since 2012.

EMG’s Advisory Board is chaired by HRH Prince Pieter-Christiaan van Oranje-Nassau of the Netherlands. Members of the Advisory Board include sustainability investor Gerrit Heyns, the former Danish Minister of Environment Ida Auken, and the co-founder of the Cradle to Cradle design concept, Professor Dr Michael Braungart. EMG consultants regularly contribute to ESG-related publications, conferences and events.

Our approach
In our unique approach to economic and business development, we are proactive in transforming the landscape of responsible business, generating sustainable growth and prosperous, inclusive societies worldwide.
EMG has built an impressive and proven track record in supporting governments, businesses and non-profit organizations in reaching their full potential through ESG, and therefore makes an excellent partner for realizing triple bottom line results.

EMG and its panel of experts draw on extensive knowledge and experience in the field to create significant value. By adopting a personal approach and working closely with clients and stakeholders, EMG formulates strategies which are innovative, responsible, and transparent.

With this proven track record of achievement, EMG applies world-class systems‐thinking methods to identify and leverage synergies between people, planet, and profit.

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