In business for almost 20 years, EMG has become a recognized authority in the field of international ESG matters. Our unique blend of deep insight, coupled with our extensive international experience, make EMG a trusted partner for realizing long-term profit and growth through ESG on a major scale. We work with businesses, governments, and not-for-profit organizations worldwide. Complying with the United Nations Global Marketplace (registered vendor since 2012), EMG provides services which adhere to the standards set by the United Nations.

In addition to client work, EMG is regularly invited to share its thoughts and opinions on the most important trends in ESG at conferences, roundtable talks and network platforms all around the world.

Below are several references provided by people who have worked with us. For commercial reasons, we only provide client references upon request.

“EMG has become part of an elite group of consultancies specialized in Environmental, Social, and Governance matters. In its unique approach to economic and business development, EMG is proactive in transforming the landscape of ESG, generating sustainable growth and prosperous, inclusive societies worldwide”.
Prince Pieter-Christiaan van Oranje-Nassau
Chairman of EMG’s Advisory Board

“It is an important task to support and collaborate with businesses that spearhead the green transition of our economy. EMG plays a central role in bringing about real change”.
Ida Auken MP
EMG Advisory Board Member
World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, Former Minister of the Environment, Denmark

“Doing what’s right is a great step forward, but in today’s competitive world I am very aware that it is equally important that this is communicated to your various audiences in the right manner in order for it to be profitable. That’s why I chose to work with EMG. I’d like to encourage you to do the same”
Prof. Dr Michael Braungart
EMG Advisory Board Member
Co-founder, Cradle to Cradle Design Concept; Winner, TIME Magazine Hero of the Planet Award; Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award

“EMG has shown how it is possible to underpin the idea of sustainability with real substance. The team has created a true example of environmental excellence, hence our commitment to it”
CEO, leading European flooring company
The company was recognized by the World Economic Forum for its social and environmental excellence, while increasing EBIT from <1% to 9% in 5 years during the global financial crisis of 2008-2009

Images: EMG founder Daan Elffers, as conference chairman, presenting the Saudi Arabia CSR Awards; EMG wins Summit International Award for best ‘Green’ publication; Islamic Reporting Initiative (EMG CSR initiative) wins excellence award at the Global Islamic Finance Awards in Astana, Kazakhstan (accepted on our behalf by H.E. Dirk Jan Kop, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan).






Academic engagements

“EMG has built an outstanding international track record for effectively strategizing and implementing ESG in business, government and non-profit sectors, in Saudi Arabia and beyond, and is therefore in a perfect position to qualify and assess the work submitted by our applicants to the highest international standard”
Divisional Director, Informa
Informa is a global leader in publishing, business intelligence, and exhibitions – listed on the London Stock Exchange
Organiser of the Saudi Arabia CSR Excellence Awards

“EMG has brought to us a wealth of knowledge on current trends, issues and solutions regarding ESG, which are extremely valuable to the stakeholders in our country”
Executive Director, Legal Policy Research Center, Kazakhstan

“We were extremely impressed by EMG’s extensive knowledge on the subject of sustainable development and ESG. Through EMG’s strong passion for the topic, backed by their broad understanding of international best practice, they were able to inspire great enthusiasm among the audience for taking ESG to the next level within their own organizations. EMG has contributed significantly to our reaching of our own goals, accelerating the effective implementation of ESG in Jordan”
Director of the Vision Institute for Civil Society Studies
Project lead of a large-scale study on CSR in cooperation with the Jordanian Forum for Economic Policies

“We are pleased to have had EMG as a guest speaker addressing our PhD in Project Management students at the British University in Dubai. EMG’s talk made a significant contribution to the debate that the students were having on how sustainable development is driving innovation and creating challenges and opportunities to public and private organisations. The students found EMG’s shared experience both inspiring and thought provoking”
Head of the Project Management & Innovation Department, The British University in Dubai
Winner of the ‘Best Professor in Project Management’ award, Asian Education Leadership Awards

“We chose to work with EMG because of their proven international track record in the field of systems thinking and the green economy. Their analysis has provided us with critical insight and recommendations in these areas which we can directly apply for strategic improvement. As a result, the potential for the mainstream implementation of Kazakhstan’s National Corporate Social Responsibility Concept can be taken to a whole new level”
Executive Director, Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia
Initiator of the Kazakhstan National Concept for Corporate Social Responsibility in partnership with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Astana

“It has been an excellent opportunity to invite CSR experts of EMG to the university to discuss such an important topic. We were impressed with their insight, and it was valuable not only to the students and academic staff but to the university as a whole. The attendees, staff and students all enjoyed the information provided as well as the presentation style. The university would like to expand its relationship with EMG in the near future and encourage the students to consider this topic as a priority for their projects and theses”
President, Middle East University, Jordan

“We’re delighted to appoint Daan Elffers, MD of EMG, onto IEMA’s Strategic Advisory Council. His foresight and high-level international experience will be essential as we shape the long-term direction of the environment and sustainability profession”
Chief Policy Advisor, Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA)
IEMA is the world’s largest membership organization for sustainability professionals with more than 15,000 members worldwide

Islamic Reporting Initiative (EMG’s flagship ESG initiative)

The OIC is dedicated to preserving and promoting Islamic values of peace, equality, human dignity, and environmental prosperity. The Islamic Reporting Initiative, in its journey towards making business responsible through the application of ESG and ESG reporting, has many values aligned with our own. The OIC commends the Islamic Reporting Initiative in its efforts in promoting economic, social and environmental prosperity in a manner that is not only impact-oriented and sustainable, but culturally relevant and responsive.
Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) – ‘the collective voice of the Muslim world’
The OIC is the second-largest intergovernmental organization after the United Nations

Open public reporting is essential if business is to build and maintain societal trust. It is a key part of the commitment to the principles of the UN Global Compact. So I commend the ambitions of the Islamic Reporting Initiative; by seeking to emphasize and build on our shared values for human and environmental prosperity, the Islamic Reporting Initiative will accelerate progression towards the objectives outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals by leveraging business potential.
Sir Mark Moody-Stuart
Chairman, UN Global Compact Foundation

The Islamic Reporting Initiative combines a deeply convincing vision with practical effectiveness. It deserves warm support and collaboration not only from Muslims but also from anyone else who cares for a sustainable economy in a healthily plural world.
Professor David F. Ford OBE
Emeritus Regius Professor of Divinity, Selwyn College, University of Cambridge

The noble Quran contains a message not only concerning human life in itself, but also the world of nature and our responsibility towards it. It orders Muslims to live in harmony not only among themselves but also with the rest of God’s creation. On the basis of its teachings Muslims created a civilization that over the centuries was in balance with what we now call the natural environment. Colonialism and certain weakness in the practice of Islamic teachings relating to the care of His creation caused most Muslim countries to become impervious to their duties towards the natural environment as a result of which some of the most polluted cities, towns, and rivers in the world are now to be found in the Islamic world. The efforts of the Islamic Reporting Initiative are, therefore, to be highly commended and supported as a religion duty by all Muslims who are aware of the seriousness of the environmental crisis. May the efforts of the Islamic Reporting Initiative and other organizations with similar aims succeed by God’s grace and the efforts of dedicated Muslim men and women. Our future depends on this spiritual jihād carried out with God’s succor in this holy effort. wa’l-Llāhu a’lam.
Professor Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Professor of Islamic Studies, George Washington University