Women’s Education in KSA

On special invitation by Dr Sanaa Askool, Dean of Student Affairs, EMG founder Drs Daan Elffers and Drs Zeljka Davis were honoured to visit the highly regarded Dar Al-Hekma University for women’s education in KSA (Jeddah).

In its young history since 1999, the Dar Al-Hekma has received a number of very high profile guests including Hillary Clinton as US Secretary of State, UK Prime Minister David Cameron, Ban Soon-Taek, wife of U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, as well as Saudi Arabian royals and senior officials.

Dr Suhair Al Qurashi, President of the University: “The Dar Al-Hekma University offers an international curriculum in selected fields that are responsive to market needs and popular demand. We prepare students for challenging careers with specialized skills supported by a strong general education curriculum that ensures continued professional and personal growth and advancement.”

During the visit, Drs Elffers and Drs Davis spoke with Dr Sanaa Askool, Dr Saleha Abedin (Advisor to the President), management and faculty on various topics relating to women’s education in KSA, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, and the opportunities of further integrating CSR into the university curriculum.

Drs Elffers: “Young women in Saudi Arabia are, as are young men, extremely well educated. However, the unemployment rate among women remains high. I am very inspired to see that, like the government, universities such as the Dar Al-Hekma are really taking action to enable and empower young women to enter the Saudi labour market, so that they may more actively take part in the further growth of Saudi Arabia as a leading economy and prosperous society.”

During her visit Drs Davis was particularly touched by a poem, read out by one of the graduating students on her graduation day. “This is indeed a beautiful articulation of what a university, at its full potential, truly can provide, which clearly means so much more than just offering a good academic curriculum.”

I am committed, to serving my creator
I am trained, to be a good debater
I am confident, in any presentation
I am defiant, against any limitation
I am responsible, to carry out a mission
I am a leader, with a revolutionary vision
I am determined, to seek innovation
I am fueled, with motivation
I am equipped, to create my destiny
I am aware, of my social responsibility
I am empowered, with such education
And so I am ready, to give to this nation
I am a product of Dar al-Hekma

By Dar al-Hekma graduate Lama Al-Sharif, Alumna

As an immediate next step, it was agreed that Drs Elffers  and Drs Davis will give a guest lecture on sustainable development at the Dar Al-Hekma in the very near future.

Article: Women’s education in KSA