EMG CSR in Qatar

The CSR Qatar summit 2014 focussed on examining corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy development and options within sustainability practice. It provided a welcome opportunity for successful and award-winning organisations to discuss their strategies and how they assess performance and outcomes in this field.

The summit built on the success of the previous year – the inaugural summit chaired by Drs Daan Elffers, founder and CEO of EMG.

Putting theory into practice, this year Elffers led the certified CSR workshop on how to implement CSR and effectively measure its impact. The workshop was attended by businesses, government entities and NGOs.

Hamed Shihadeh from the Qatar CSR Centre of Qatar Charity, said of the workshop: “It was great being with you yesterday and learning from your practical experience in this field. Your thoughts on preserving nature and designing sustainable processes for future generations could not be more genuine.”

Qatar University

After the summit Elffers visited Qatar University, where he spoke with Professor Nitham Hindi, Dean of the College of Business and Economics. He also addressed an audience from management and faculty on the importance of corporate social responsibility and the role of universities in providing skills for a sustainable economy, and explained how in particular the implementation of the circular economy can be a golden business opportunity.

For more information about IEMA’s ‘Skills for a Sustainable Economy’ campaign, an initiative actively supported by EMG, please see: https://www.emg-csr.com/blog/sustainable-economy-skills/.

It was agreed that EMG will cooperate with the university on how to leverage the full potential of sustainable development and CSR in Qatar, and will thus assist its graduates in accessing the knowledge and skills required to create and secure a prosperous and sustainable future.

Subsequently Elffers was invited to attend the opening of the cultural exhibition of Islamic manuscripts entitled ‘the Leiden collection’ which took place in the library of Qatar University. For more information about this event, please see: https://www.emg-csr.com/blog/csr-in-qatar/.

Article: EMG CSR in Qatar.