EMG’s Flagship CSR Initiative Wins Prestigious ESG Award

EMG is proud to announce that its flagship corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, the Islamic Reporting Initiative (IRI), has won the prestigious 3G Championship Award for ESG Reporting 2023 from the Global Good Governance Awards. The IRI was awarded for its thought leadership in ESG reporting in the Muslim world. The award recognizes organizations that demonstrate outstanding excellence in reporting on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. The award ceremony, which acknowledges individuals and organizations for their exceptional contributions to good governance, transparency, and social responsibility, was held in Dubai.

EMG’s commitment to global sustainable development is evident in the establishment of the IRI in 2015. The IRI was created with support from partners worldwide to address the lack of local relevance and support for mainstream reporting standards in the Islamic community. The IRI is an independent non-profit organization that leads the creation of the IRI Standard, a reporting standard for ESG based on Islamic values and principles. Its objective is to enable organizations across all sectors to inclusively assess, report, verify, and certify their ESG and philanthropic programs in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s Plan of Action.

The IRI’s reporting framework incorporates Islamic principles such as social justice, fairness, and environmental stewardship, and aligns with international reporting standards. The organization’s winning submission showcased its commitment to addressing various ESG issues, including climate change, human rights, labor practices, and governance. The IRI aspires to make ESG culturally relevant, effectively accelerating the uptake of ESG and systemically advancing the implementation of the Global Goals through nearly a quarter of the world’s population.

EMG's Flagship CSR Initiative Wins Prestigious ESG Award
Winners of the 2023 Global Good Governance Awards at the awards ceremony in Dubai

EMG Founder Daan Elffers: “We see the IRI’s success in winning this award also as a testament to our own vision on progressing sustainable development. As a specialized advisory firm for CSR and ESG in OIC countries, we see first-hand how Islamic values and principles are exceptionally well-aligned with the values and principles of sustainability and it is heartening to see that this is now recognized more broadly through the work of the Islamic Reporting Initiative.”

The IRI is currently accepting applications for the IRI Pilot Program

The IRI Pilot Program offers selected companies the opportunity to participate in the rollout of the world’s first CSR/ESG reporting framework based on Islamic values and principles, the IRI Reporting Standard.

Participants will cooperate with the IRI to create their first CSR/ESG reports using actual sustainability data for analysis and evaluation while offering feedback on the framework. Additionally, participants will receive a personalized dashboard displaying their company’s sustainability performance based on the IRI Standard, along with access to the first element of the IRI’s AI-enabled tool. The IRI will also facilitate a comparison of participants’ sustainability performance with their peers.

To learn more about the IRI or apply for the Pilot Program, please visit https://islamicreporting.org/iri-pilot-program/. The deadline for applications is 30th June 2023.