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Founded in 2004 EMG is a leading international management consulting firm specialized in CSR and sustainable development with unique and in-depth experience

Governmental bodies, private and non-profit sector organizations are all essential stakeholders in the generation of shared value. By ensuring strategy is aligned with the wider sustainability agenda, organizations can become benefactors in social and environmental welfare while simultaneously securing economic prosperity. EMG is a trusted partner in the realization of triple bottom line success through the practice of effective CSR and sustainable development.

• ESG Strategy & Implementation
• Stakeholder Engagement & ROI
• Sustainable Supply Chain
• Sustainability Implementation
• Communication
• Philanthropy
• Assessment & Reporting
• Employee Training

For Corporations

With CSR, companies are benefiting from a surge in productivity, morale and loyalty in employees engaged in more positive and meaningful work. operating with high environmental credentials fosters not only positive relations among stakeholders and consumers, but positions the company favorably when such regulation comes into place, while safeguarding the availability of natural resources.

The corporate case for CSR, Sustainability and ESG reporting is compelling with many organizations making sustainability and CSR policy as a springboard for prosperity. Innovation to overcome transitional challenges is itself a platform for further innovation, and with increasing ambitions to improve efficiency across product and service cycles, the effect of this innovation is being felt throughout value chains on a global scale.

For NGOs/NPOs and Zakat Foundations

Seeking to develop credible and legitimate partnerships that accelerate the impacts of civil society programs, EMG is well-placed to help not-for profits leverage the benefits that can be gained from collaboration. With increasing access to multiple resources offered through private partnerships with corporations that are embracing CSR, NGOs are ready to work with the private sector to more effectively realize social and environmental ambitions.

CSR services for Zakat foundation
EMG has long worked with Zakat Foundations and organizations in the MENA and APAC regions where Islamic principles are an important element in corporate culture. Understanding the transcending nature of culture and its compatibility with CSR and Sustainability.

For Governments

Moving beyond an interest in tackling global challenges, governments are actively committing to and implementing national strategies to holistically coordinate a transition towards a stable and prosperous future. CSR is a tool for all organizations and the role of governments is unique; able to realize the benefits of developing a sustainable working culture internally, they are able to simultaneously cultivate market conditions that enable the private sector and society as a whole to perform in sustainable and inclusive ways.

Green economy

More than 60 countries in the world have already taken active steps towards the realization of the Green Economy; a new engine of growth built on an innovative system of economic activities that enhance social well-being, nurture flourishing environments and yield competitive yet responsible business progress.

For more than a decade, EMG has been the first choice for governments, businesses and nonprofit organizations to pioneer this transition, demonstrating its significant opportunity for employment, investment and growth.


CSR services for Zakat foundation;