Sustainability training London & Cambridge (for companies with operations in GCC & Africa)

2018 Sustainability training London 1 day, 2 days or 3 days modules

Sustainability training London / Cambridge key focus areas:

Fundamentals of Sustainability notion in GCC/ African markets
Creating Sustainability Strategy for operations in Africa/ Middle East
Sensitivity to the local context
Best practice case studies and key learnings from SDGs
Sustainability reporting standards and mechanisms in specific countries
KPI (Key performance Indicators)
Stakeholders Mapping
Measuring Return on Investment

We strongly suggest that you book in advance so you don’t miss out. To book your participation at 2018 CSR and Sustainability training courses London, Dubai, Jeddah, Doha or Cambridge please contact us.

By the end of the training participants will have covered the following:

Fundamentals of CSR & Sustainability and role of SDGs in the region
Regional case studies of best practice (Africa and Middle East)
Developing CSR / Sustainability from start to completion
Stakeholder mapping and engagement challenges in the region
Key materialities for specific markets
Social return on investment (SROI) and SDGs
ISO 26000 & reporting frameworks
Development of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
The business case for CSR: Getting buy-In from the management
How to link your CSR to National Vision (relevant to GCC countries)
How to get employees buy-in
How to develop CSR charter, CSR Road map
CSR measurement and reporting mechanisms
How to prepare Sustainability report in accordance to local values

Sustainability training London & Cambridge (for companies with operations in GCC & Africa)

Founded in 2004, EMG is a consultancy that is on the cutting edge of corporate social responsibility (CSR) thinking, strategizing, and implementation. A veritable pioneer in what it does, EMG is the world’s first CSR consultancy to be certified for the promotion of Cradle to Cradle, the leading international circular economy model. EMG’s founder and CEO, Drs Daan Elffers, was one of the first people in the world to receive certification to operate as a consultant in this area.

As befits its position as an innovator, EMG believes that organizations need not wait to be instructed or compelled to take up CSR-related ideas; rather, it makes sound business sense for them to become drivers for change, and for them to become leaders in global sustainability initiatives. As Elffers has stated, “Be a
seeker, not a follower … Don’t wait until stakeholders come to you to make change, or until legislation tells you do things differently.” EMG always highlights that effective CSR and Sustainability policies transcend corporate philanthropy; rather, these policies make sound business sense. In other words, CSR is not just about doing good; it is about doing good business.

The consultancy has a proven track record of achievement, and applies advanced systems-thinking methods to explore synergies between people, planet, and profit. Proficient in its mastery of the relevant theory, EMG and its panel of consultants adopt a personal approach, and work in close collaboration with clients and stakeholders to formulate strategies and activities that ensure the best possible outcomes in an approach that is innovative, responsive, effective, responsible, and transparent.

EMG is the winner of numerous awards, and is recognized as an international authority in the fields of CSR and sustainability with specific focus on markets in Middle East and Africa.

All trainings are tailor made to specific needs of your organization. Please contact us to receive a free offer.

Sustainability training London