VIP CSR Training Courses Dubai

CSR Training Courses Dubai will enable you to UNDERSTAND the principles of Global Compact and unique business potential of Corporate
Sustainability and CSR
LEARN about international best practices, the latest sustainability standards and ISO 26000
APPLY this knowledge to your own organization, identifying new opportunities and integrating CSR as a powerful competitive advantage with ROI CSR Fundamentals

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Absolute premium when it comes to training and knowledge – EMG delivers!

“I commend your mastery of your subject and the rich information I came across in your presentation.“ Mohammad N. Yamani, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

“I encourage not just companies, but everyone to attend such a good course by a good presenter like this one”  Heba Faqih, Arabian Cement Company, Saudi Arabia

“EMG did a great job in activating participants to focus on how to pitch [sustainability]in a competitive market in a practical and inspiring way.” Albin Kälin, CEO of EPEA, Switzerland

“With their vision and deep knowledge of CSR and a profound understanding of the Islamic world, the EMG team provided exemplary guidance on how to strategise our CSR initiatives, and identify new opportunities for business growth through CSR.  It is clear that EMG are experts in their field and can add value to any organisation by enabling more good.” Nadia Boumeziout,  Financial Technologies Manager, Noor Bank, United Arab Emirates

“EMG’s VIP CSR training was very comprehensive, providing a detailed analysis of how to design and implement a CSR program. The tailored and hands-on approach allowed me to understand the concepts in the context of my own industry, and the opportunity to follow-up the session with questions allowed for interactive and on-going learning. I would strongly recommend EMG for CSR training.” Patricia McCall, Executive Director, Centre for Economic Growth, INSEAD Abu Dhabi

The course has been developed in an innovative way and unique format which allows participants to actively engage in strategic experimental learning. The format contains team exercise and group lunch. The residential course is delivered through a mixture of lectures, group discussions, review of case studies from the region, practical exercises, and coaching elements in supportive learning environment where participants build valuable connections and exchange ideas.

Learning Outcomes
Participants will be empowered to take their careers to the next level, improving visibility and influence within their organization while simultaneously, strengthening the business through the application of newly acquired, relevant knowledge in:

  1. CSR and sustainability strategies applied your industry, Getting Buy-In for CSR
  2. Application of knowledge in the formulation and implementation of effective strategies
  3. Methods of measurement, including those on measuring the return on social investment (RSOI)
  4. Leadership skills to ensure you can lead in the development and implementation of CSR and sustainability strategies
Audience of speaker and trainer Drs Daan Elffers in Dubai, UAE
Audience of speaker and trainer Drs Daan Elffers in Dubai, UAE

Participants can expect a challenging and thought-provoking program that will inspire and enable action within your organization, and will position you as an expert in the field of CSR and sustainability within your organization.

By the end of this training participants will have covered the following:
•    Review of best CSR strategies, why and how
•    Creating CSR Strategy
•    KPI (Key performance Indicators) and return on Investment
•    Case study of Increasing your EBITA
•    Understanding the social Impact of your CSR Programmes
•    Measuring Social Return on Investment
•    From Zero to CSR Strategy – all steps
•    Getting Buy-In for CSR

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