Certified Cradle to Cradle Consultants

In 2008, EMG became the world’s first CSR firm with Certified Cradle to Cradle consultants for the marketing of Cradle to Cradle®, the closed loop/ circular economy model developed by William McDonough and Prof. Michael Braungart. Certified Cradle to Cradle consultants on positioning

Here is an overview created by our Certified Cradle to Cradle consultants regarding several steps organisations can take to advance the journey and their corporate positioning.

Make it obvious why quality is important.

Quality is central to Cradle to Cradle certified products. When people truly understand this, price will instantly become secondary. Take the example of the toy manufacturer who uses hazardous materials in toys that will inevitably be put in a child’s mouth. Would you purchase such a product if you were aware of this? Of course not! Market your Cradle to Cradle products as the logical, natural choice, without compromising your existing line of products.

Great Cradle to Cradle product design will extend to all packaging and promotional materials.

Design creates the first stirrings of human desire. The nutrients of a well designed product therefore play a significant role in consumer choice. Unlike other ‘green’ products, Cradle to Cradle does not target niche markets– rather, Cradle to Cradle products should be positioned as mainstream, healthy, desirable, responsible, premium products consistent with your corporate values and identity.

Now that you’re on the right track, achieving that positive footprint will happen as fast as resources allow.

Ensure your clients understand that the truly positive footprint will only be reached faster with their continued support today. If you communicate with your clients in an open and clear manner, they will understand that you will only move ahead by having enough funds to invest in R&D and that this depends on current income.

Monitor the results.

Continuously collect data, listen to users, evaluate variations in performance. Then make any necessary improvements to your strategy, your products and your marketing communications.

Use leverage. Even pioneers benefit from a helping hand.

Community is an integral part of the Cradle to Cradle philosophy. Many companies already working with Cradle to Cradle are using each other’s products, sharing experiences and developing partnerships. Recognise the levers available to you and how your company will give back too.

Implementing worthwhile change can take time. When a small step is actually a giant leap, be sure to tell the world!

Implementing Cradle to Cradle into your organisation can take time. But the result will be a new world of possibilities, fresh discoveries and the pushing back of previously accepted boundaries. This will bring significant benefits to all. So let people know when you take important steps along your journey and they will be happy to travel with you.

Utilise the media.

Cradle to Cradle has all the right credentials for being attractive to the media. Described as potentially the next industrial revolution, it is being keenly followed across a wide spectrum of media. In addition, due to the many aspects of Cradle to Cradle that are of great interest to the general public and businesses alike, this offers many opportunities for companies working with Cradle to Cradle to attract beneficial media attention. Be proactive in creating win-win situations for yourself, the media and your shared audiences.

Taken from the booklet written and published in 2010, with forward by Michael Braungart.

I have trained expert consultants at EMG personally and know they have the knowledge, skills and commitment to integrate Cradle to Cradle seamlessly into the communications strategy of the companies we work with.

Doing what’s right is a great step forward, but in today’s competitive world I am very aware that it is equally important that Cradle to Cradle is communicated to your various audiences in the right manner in order for it to be profitable.

That’s why I chose to work with EMG. I’d like to encourage you to do the same.”

Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart, co-author of ‘Cradle to Cradle – Remaking The Way We Make Things’