Employee involvement workshop

What is it ‘sustainability champions’ do that other companies don’t? The short answer is: they’ve successfully built on their strengths from within through employee involvement. They have developed a unique sustainability strategy and plan that works seamlessly with their business and for their stakeholders, and have executed it to the highest standard.

Key Benefits

  • What are the best strategies for community engagement and employee training on CSR?
  • How do I position our company’s sustainability message to employees?
  • How to create engagement strategies
  • How to measure engagement
  • How do I establish successful strategic partnerships?
  • How can I best use the triple bottom line in our company’s messaging?

Employee involvement course duration:
While we recommend that this course be run over a full-day, we aim to tailor it to your specific business and its organizational needs. It can be held in-house, or as part of an open course where candidates can interact with and learn from other organizations with similar goals for CSR.

Entry Requirements:
There is no pre-requisite training required for this course.

Who Should Attend:
This course is aimed at those in HR/ Employee communications leadership roles in a business; directors, supervisors, and managers. It would be especially useful to those with direct responsibility for a company’s sustainability implementation and reporting, as well as those who are looking to increase their organisation’s profile, competitiveness and profitability through CSR.

Employee involvement course Structure:
The course will include a mix of presentations, group exercises and break-out discussion groups. Assessment will be on a formative basis.

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