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“I have trained expert consultants at EMG personally and know they have the knowledge, skills and commitment to integrate Cradle to Cradle seamlessly into the communications strategy of the companies we work with.

Doing what’s right is a great step forward, but in today’s competitive world I am very aware that it is equally important that Cradle to Cradle is communicated to your various audiences in the right manner in order for it to be profitable.

That’s why I chose to work with EMG. I’d like to encourage you to do the same.”

Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart, co-author of ‘Cradle to Cradle – Remaking The Way We Make Things’

The added value of Cradle to Cradle is enormous (see case study). It therefore deserves only the very best, genuine marketing to ensure the maximum benefit for your organisation.

1. Cradle to Cradle requires careful planning.

Cradle to Cradle is too important not to plan. See it as a journey. Together with your key team members, decide exactly what you want to achieve and make a roadmap of how you’re going to get there. Set clearly defined goals, including budgets and anticipated media. Be realistic, but be bold.

2. Start with the match. Why is Cradle to Cradle so compatible with your organisation?

Cradle to Cradle is a match in some way for every organisation. Define your vision and explain which elements within your corporate history, culture, products and services will best support and promote a Cradle to Cradle strategy.

3. Explain the principles of Cradle to Cradle in a universal way.

The power and global reach of Cradle to Cradle is virtually unlimited and touches everything – turning waste into food, sourcing biodegradable materials, recycling, solar energy, cleaning the air, water and soil, protecting the world’s species, enabling people to lead better lives and much more. By recognising and celebrating diversity and limitless possibilities, you will have already embarked on your journey to achieve your Cradle to Cradle goals. Always see the bigger picture.

4. Inspire your employees at all levels. Cradle to Cradle is also about them!

Making a difference is possible. Indeed, it’s inevitable when everyone in your organisation embraces Cradle to Cradle principles and is aware of how these need to be integral to your core activities and operations. Employees will be inspired by the fact that you will have more and achieve greater corporate social and environmental responsibility at the same time.

5. Be positive! After all, Cradle to Cradle is about creating, seeing, feeling and enjoying abundance.

Make this clear in your marketing communications. Have an honest but positive approach which celebrates the possibilities rather than the obstacles. Be transparent with your knowledge and ambition.

6. This is most people’s image of ‘waste’. Talking about food is much more engaging.

Cradle to Cradle explains how ‘waste is food’. But until this concept is fully understood on a wider level, focusing on ‘food’ sells better than ‘waste’. Be sure to showcase your case studies.

7. Explain the rebuilding power of cycles and how it works in your own business.

The power of biological and technical cycles lies at the very core of Cradle to Cradle principles and Cradle to Cradle certified products. People are becoming increasingly aware of this, but it’s important to explain how (up)cycling is integral to your own activities and how this benefits your clients.

8. Explain processes in a way that they’ll be understood.

At it’s core, the Cradle to Cradle philosophy is simple, incredibly positive and intrinsically appealing. Once your audiences have embraced the concept, more detail can be revealed.

9. Make it obvious why quality is important.

Quality is central to Cradle to Cradle certified products. When people truly understand this, price will instantly become secondary. Take the example of the toy manufacturer who uses hazardous materials in toys that will inevitably be put in a child’s mouth. Would you purchase such a product if you were aware of this? Of course not! Market your Cradle to Cradle products as the logical, natural choice, without compromising your existing line of products.

10. Great Cradle to Cradle product design will extend to all packaging and promotional materials.

Design creates the first stirrings of human desire. The nutrients of a well designed product therefore play a significant role in consumer choice. Unlike other ‘green’ products, Cradle to Cradle does not target niche markets– rather, Cradle to Cradle products should be positioned as mainstream, healthy, desirable, responsible, premium products consistent with your corporate values and identity.

11. Now that you’re on the right track, achieving that positive footprint will happen as fast as resources allow.

Ensure your clients understand that the truly positive footprint will only be reached faster with their continued support today. If you communicate with your clients in an open and clear manner, they will understand that you will only move ahead by having enough funds to invest in R&D and that this depends on current income.

to read more go to: https://www.emg-csr.com/blog/certified-cradle-to-cradle-consultants-on-positioning/