Environmental PR & CSR media mapping

Environmental PR, Corporate Social media engagement, sustainability strategy and CSR media mapping.

Leading apparel manufacturer with over 60,000 employees worldwide wanted to better understand and engage with traditional and social media regarding their corporate responsibility and environmental activities in Europe.

EMG’s CSR Mapping system was used to discover, analyse, understand and engage with the target audience. In relation to media/ constituencies mapping regarding ethical fashion, the services included:

• Providing quantitative and qualitative overview of the media coverage
• What are the competitors doing
• What is the “share of voice” in the market regarding environmental press news
• Which sources have published this
• Which sustainability journalists are interesting to engage with
• Which social media channels are the best to use
• Where do they speak about these topics the most
• Who are the top influencers in environmental pr? (Who talks about sustainability and ethical fashion the most? )
• Who are their followers? Would it be interesting to approach them to become ambassadors?)
• What is the effect of various messages during the “campaigns”