How to: Key benefits of effective stakeholders mapping & engagement

A logical step in the whole process of articulating and implementing ESG-related strategies and policies is to identify and engage potential partners. Effective stakeholders mapping is, in this regard, an essential step towards winning the support of strategic collaborators, and can play a fundamental role in ensuring the success of the partnerships an organisation/ company is seeking to identify and work with. Mapping is a crucial step to understanding who the key stakeholders are, where they are located, and what they are looking for in relationship to the cooperative effort. Stakeholders may include companies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), not-for profit foundations, international organizations, and other agencies.

Four key benefits of effective stakeholders mapping and engagement

  1. Understanding the strengths of and motivation behind each stakeholder: Through regular meetings and discussions, stakeholders who work together learn how to reconcile their different organizational interests and how to work synergistically to achieve common goals.
  2. Managing successful relationships: This is better guaranteed through early and ongoing communication with different parties. Communication is at the basis of every good partnership, because it promotes the development of trust in each other’s commitments, as well as an appreciation of the benefits of the projects that are being implemented.
  3. Working together to shape projects from an early stage involves engaging different stakeholders and developing very close relationships with those who can have the greatest impact on long-term projects, who are able to shape the project’s activities, and whose approach can ultimately improve the quality of what is being implemented.
  4. Anticipation of risks: Maintaining ongoing relationships helps to minimize unexpected risks, as all parties develop a better understanding of each other’s expectations and reactions.

There are four stages towards effective stakeholders mapping and engagement

  1. stakeholder mapping (identification);
  2. stakeholder segmentation;
  3. stakeholder engagement; and
  4. implementation of projects.

Effective stakeholders mapping and engagement



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