Aligning your CSR Strategy with National Vision 2030 Training

Saudi National Vision 2030 trainingThis Saudi National Vision 2030 training session is designed for Leaders and CSR senior leadership from all sectors and functions, and focuses on their role in mainstreaming CSR and sustainable development within an organisation in KSA. Drs Daan Elffers and his team will guide  senior-level participants through the key CSR issues and opportunities linked to National Vision. It’s the ideal opportunity to share learning on sustainable development and CSR and see best case practices of effective delivery.

National Vision 2030 Training Focus Areas:

  1. Understand the principles of CSR
  2. Review of all chapters of National Vision
  3. Mapping out the CSR overlaps and deliverables
  4. Learning how to align your CRS strategy with National Vision of your country
  5. Review the examples of successful CSR implementation based on National Vision
  6. Learn from best practices around the world
  7. Understand how to evaluate the real impact of your CSR programmes using SROI
  8. Show how your company is and will be delivering on National Vision 2030

Prior to the CSR session, participants have access to a short assessment outlining key issues they want to focus, to help them maximise their time. The CSR session is more than a one-off inspirational event. Participants are supported after the event, whilst taking action to make their organisation more sustainable, and there is the option of meeting again, six months after the programme, to discuss progress and share further challenges.

“I commend your mastery of your subject and the rich information I came across in your presentation.“ Mohammad N. Yamani, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

“I encourage not just companies, but everyone to attend such a good course by a good presenter like this one”  Heba Faqih, Arabian Cement Company, Saudi Arabia

“EMG did a great job in activating participants to focus on how to pitch [sustainability]in a competitive market in a practical and inspiring way.” Albin Kälin, CEO of EPEA, Switzerland

“With their vision and deep knowledge of CSR and a profound understanding of the Islamic world, the EMG team provided exemplary guidance on how to strategise our CSR initiatives; identify new opportunities for business growth through CSR.  It is clear that EMG are experts in their field and can add value to any organisation by enabling more good.” Nadia Boumeziout,  Financial Technologies Manager, Noor Bank, United Arab Emirates

* * *

EMG’s training courses encourage an active, hands-on approach enabling participants to engage in experimental learning. With theoretical and practical content delivered through a mixture of lectures, group discussions, case-study reviews and one-on-one dialogue, participants are taught in a supportive and stimulating learning environment.

With content based on international standards, the trainings are delivered by highly experienced trainers who extensive subject-matter and corporate experience and awareness of local CSR and sustainability practice and issues.

EMG delivers certified and bespoke training courses which provide an emphasis on exploring how best to apply CSR and sustainability concepts to participant’s own organizations, ensuring participants are able to effectively implement their newly acquired knowledge immediately.

To book a training or to speak with one of our consultants about bespoke training please contact us.

Article: Aligning your CSR Strategy with National Vision 2030 Training