EMG as Circular Economy Expert

Daan Elffers, CEO of EMG, is featured as one of the 28 circular economy expert in the latest feature of the Guardian Sustainable Business hub on the circular economy. Other experts include a diverse range of industry specialists and executives including the Chief Sustainability Officer of BT, the CEO of Ricoh UK & Ireland, the CEO of WRAP and a senior executive of McKinsey and Company.

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Elffers: “Not only is the transition to a circular economy an absolute necessity if we want to sustain our high quality of life over the coming decades; it is also without a doubt the greatest business opportunity of the century.

In essence, it’s about having the right mindset, and designing for outcomes that are positive rather than outcomes that are merely less negative. By taking this more holistic approach to doing business, companies will also significantly advance socially and environmentally.

Organizations that have the vision to see this bigger picture and change their business models accordingly are able to turn material scarcity into a powerful competitive advantage and are positioning themselves to be the industry leaders of tomorrow.”

The new feature can be viewed here: http://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/ng-interactive/how-can-your-industry-contribute-to-circular-economy-interactive

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Also Elffers’ previous article on ‘how to implement the circular economy’ can be found on the Guardian Sustainable Business website.

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