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Take your career to the next level, improving visibility and influence within organization while simultaneously, strengthening the business through the application of newly acquired, relevant knowledge in SDGs and Sustainability.

What delegates say about our trainings:



Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is increasingly on the agenda for many businesses seeking to become prosperous while safeguarding their future. Guiding businesses through this transition is EMG, a leading CSR and sustainability advisory firm, who is holding regular training workshops in Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain.

“The sustainability challenges we face today are pressing; but the opportunities they bring to businesses have seldom been so great. Where low-hanging fruit has typically been found in areas of energy reduction, material minimization and other forms of cost efficiencies, EMG asks the question: how does a strategy focused on less help an organization to achieve more…?

Our approach, and one which forms the basis of our training courses, is much more ambitious. We take a strategic view on CSR and sustainability, focused on empowering organizations to generate virtuous cycles of positive financial, social and environmental impact”  – Drs Daan Elffers, Founder and CEO of EMG Group.


EMG’s training courses encourage an active, hands-on approach enabling participants to engage in experimental learning. With theoretical and practical content delivered through a mixture of lectures, group discussions, case-study reviews and one-on-one dialogue, participants are taught in a supportive and stimulating learning environment. With content covering the local and international context, the training courses are delivered by highly experienced trainers with extensive subject-matter and corporate understanding.

Understand the principles UN GC and SDGs
Review of SDGS in detail
Mapping out the CSR overlaps and deliverables
Learning how to align your CRS strategy with SDGS
Review the examples of successful case studies
Learn from best practices around the world
Understand how to evaluate the real impact of your programmes
Show how your company is and will be delivering on SDGS

Strategic support:
The CSR session is more than a one-off inspirational event. Participants are supported after the event, whilst taking action to make their organisation more sustainable, and there is the option of meeting again, six months after the programme, to discuss progress and share further challenges.

This training can be delivered as 1-day (intensive)  or 2-days training.

Participants can expect a challenging and thought-provoking program that will inspire and enable action within your organization, and will furthermore position you as an expert in the field of CSR and sustainability within your organization.

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EMG provides certified and bespoke training courses which provide an emphasis on exploring how best to apply CSR and sustainability concepts to participant’s own organizations, ensuring participants are able to effectively implement their newly acquired knowledge immediately.

The training courses are suitable for individuals with a basic or intermediate understanding and experience of CSR who seek to develop professionally. Through the acquisition of practical skills, participants will learn how to accelerate implementation and integration of CSR.
CSR Consulting EMG


Delegates should expect a challenging and thought-provoking course that will inspire and enable action on CSR within their organization.

Building on theoretical knowledge, participants will develop practical skills that will increase the visibility and profile of CSR within their organization and accelerate the return on investment in CSR related policy, strategy and activities.



Named as one of the ‘100 Most Talented Leaders in CSR’ by the World CSR Day organization, Elffers was the Chairman of the recent CSR Summit in Dubai, the longest running CSR summit in the region and provided trainings at regional events such as CSR Saudi Arabia, CSR Oman, CSR Dubai and CSR Qatar. Elffers holds a Master’s degree from the Rotterdam School of Management and is on the CSR Expert Panel for the Department of Business Economics at Erasmus University (The Netherlands). A certified Cradle to Cradle consultant since 2008, he is an advisor with the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute in California (USA) and a Guest Member of the Circular Economy Taskforce at the World Economic Forum. He is a Strategic Advisory Council Member to the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), the world’s largest membership organization for sustainability professionals.


“I commend your mastery of your subject and the rich information I came across in your presentation” Mohammad N. Yamani, Saudi Aramco.

“I encourage not just companies but everyone to attend such a good course like this one” Heba Faqih, Arabian Cement Company

“EMG did a great job in activating participants to focus on how to pitch [sustainability]in a competitive market in a practical and inspiring way” Albin Kälin, CEO of EPEA Switzerland.