Short Guide to Sustainability & CSR Stakeholder Mapping

CSR stakeholder mapping is a first phase in engagement with stakeholders. Discussions with major stakeholders present an opportunity to generate organisational interest in CSR, in that such exchanges can facilitate the development of more practical steps towards implementation. It is for this reason that the importance of listening to all stakeholder groups is stressed throughout this guide.

The stakeholders consulted should constitute a cross-section of the organisations and should include both people who are very enthusiastic about CSR, and those who are skeptical and who voice differing opinions. Major stakeholders may not only be those from the organisation; for example principal contractors or other parties may also be considered key stakeholders, and thus parties from whom feedback would be crucial.

Mapping the interests and concerns of stakeholders against those of the organisation can reveal both opportunities and potential problem areas. Indeed, many leading organizations now see stakeholder engagement as central to the task of identifying the issues that are most material to them. It is important that stakeholders be made aware why these exchanges are being held, so that the roundtables do not lapse into a general discussion of matters that are unrelated to the key issues on which feedback is being sought.

Frank discussions should take place at the outset about the organisations’s objectives, the responsibilities of its members, the anticipated workload and outcomes, and the ground rules on how the group will operate.

Regular two-way communication between stakeholders and CSR team is invaluable. It is important to consider the role that employees, suppliers, communities, and others can play in the “plan, do, check, and improve” aspects of CSR strategy implementation.

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