In 2013, driven primarily by their personal interest in the subject, a handful of EMG consultants started conducting a series of informal thought leadership interviews with EMG’s clients, partners, and other parties in our network, publishing these interviews on our website.

Without much effort, we were able to share many fascinating interviews with top executives and subject-matter experts, senior government and NGO officials, prominent financiers, and heads of CSR for some of the world’s largest multinationals.

Our objective was very simple: to help raise awareness of exceptional case studies or best practices, and to inspire others to raise the bar within their own domains. We titled the series ‘Talking Sense’. In 2015, ‘Talking Sense’ received a Platinum Award at the Hermes Creativity Awards in the category ‘Green Economy’.

Photo credits: the picture of Ida Auken is ©Peter Nørby – all other photographs belong to (©) the person shown.

Below are some of the leaders who participated in the original series of 2013-2015. We are presently working on a second series of interviews, with new leaders. These interviews will be posted in this section as they become available. Stay tuned! To download the 2015 publication, please click here.

  • Peter Bakker
    CEO, World Business Council for Sustainable Development
  • Jane Henley
    CEO, World Green Building Council
  • Nigel Stansfield
    Chief Innovations Officer, Interface
  • Adam Lowry
    Co-Founder, Method Products
  • Omar Alkurdi
    Former minister of ICT, Jordan
  • Genny Ghanimeh
    Founder, Pi Slice Microfinancing
  • Walter Stahel
    Founder, Product Life Institute
  • Gunter Pauli
    Founder, Zero Emission Research Initiatives
  • Alison Rowe
    Global Executive VP for Sustainability, Fujitsu
  • Alberto Andreu
    Head of CSR & Reputation, Telefónica
  • Markus Terho
    Head of Sustainability, Nokia
  • Simon Mills
    Head of Sustainable Development, City of London
  • Ida Auken
    Minister for Environment, Denmark
  • Bridgett Luther
    President, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute
  • Giuseppe van der Helm
    President, European Sustainable Investment Forum
  • Darrel Webber
    Secretary General, Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil

Please note that the views and opinions expressed in the interviews are personal, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of an employer.