Preparing a CSR Report? Things to know and consider

Producing CSR Report
Integrated reporting is an innovation in corporate reporting, encouraging the inclusion of robust CSR/ sustainability metrics into traditional financial reporting. Combining the analysis of financial and non-financial performance provides organizations with an additional layer of information for confident decision-making, and provides investors with a broader perspective on risk in the long and short term.

Internal CSR report labour indicators are aimed at improving the living standards of employees and their families through collective bargaining mechanisms (according to the Labour Code, the role of trade unions is to serve as public watchdogs in enterprises). They aim to provide full and timely salary payment, social packages, and welfare programmes for employees. On the other hand, external CSR indicators are defined as the funding and building of schools, kindergartens, hospitals, sports facilities, and infrastructure projects.

EMG international team can help you manage and measure your non-financial impacts.

Our sustainable reporting & assurance services include :

• Compliance framework design
• Data collection and Value Mapping / impact assessment
• Pre-Audit advising / Report development (ESG, GRI, IRI…)
• Communications strategy
• Social Return On Investment (SROI)
• Carbon footprinting (GHG, Scope 1,2,3)
• GAP-analysis sustainability standards / Training
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    Things to know:

    • CSR can only be fully adopted by a company when the upper echelons of management and CEOs are involved. This promotes a culture of CSR across the company and embeds this principle into management decisions.
    • Corporations can play a huge role in building bridges between students and the labor market
    • Corporations can have a sound business justification for promoting innovative research, and their expertise can be used to explore new technologies and new job opportunities that might accompany the results of the research.
    • Corporations have a wealth of knowledge that can be transferred to new entrepreneurs.
    • Philanthropy and charity are important, but core businesses have a maximum impact on public good when they apply CSR to what they do best
    • The media can be a powerful tool in promoting the engagement of corporations and citizens in relation to CSR
    • Corporations must be convinced that a sound business case can be made for CSR in order for them to be fullycommitted and for them to leverage their abilities to the fullest.
    • Even the most successful CSR initiative can require collaboration between corporations and nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) to ensure relevant support to unemployed people.
    • Employers can be excellent mentors on thejob; however, they may lack the coaching skills to ensure that young people receive the support that will enhance their employment opportunities
    • A good work-life balance favours the job retention of both men and women employed by companies
      Information technology (IT) and new technology seem to offer viable job opportunities to people with disabilities
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