With basic ESG data readily available for analysis, optimizing ESG reporting is a healthy priority for organizations that have already started the journey of ESG reporting. Whether or not a sophisticated ESG strategy is in place, ESG reporting remains the first step towards identifying relevant opportunities and threats. Strategically expanding the quantity or type of information disclosed will also help achieve a higher ESG rating.

Our advanced ESG reporting services are designed to support organizations that have already established a strong track record in reporting their ESG performance. The organization has an advanced ESG strategy and program in place, managed by an experienced team of ESG professionals. Organizations of this type are often large multinationals required to report complex data from multiple sectors and locations.

Hence, our services include: 

  • Preparation of the sustainability report from A-Z, or as a coach/ project manager
  • Advisory and guidance regarding a specific reporting standard or rating framework
  • Specialist support, e.g. measuring particular emissions, site inspections
  • Independent review/assessment of data to identify new opportunities and threats
  • Pre-auditing or auditing of ESG data

This service is often combined with ESG strategy and ESG training.