damtower methodIn 2023, EMG proudly became the first Trusted Consulting Partner for the damtower method™. This groundbreaking approach to employee engagement allows organizations to embrace sustainability as a mindset for long-term success. With its foundation in transparency, education, and positive encouragement, the damtower method™ aligns perfectly with our own ‘eco-effective’ view on sustainable development. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of introducing this innovative two-month training program worldwide.

The damtower method™, developed by talent management expert Benoit Montet, combines over 30 years of international leadership experience with cutting-edge AI capabilities. It is designed to inspire employees at all levels and establish a culture of sustainable thinking and action throughout the organization. By implementing the damtower method™, organizations can make a tangible difference in a remarkably short period of time.


In a nutshell, the damtower method™ comprises four interconnected components strategically designed to drive lasting impact:
  1. The comprehensive damtower survey: Conducted by our experts, this survey benchmarks your organization’s current sustainability performance against international standards. It objectively identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to sustainability and CSR, providing a solid starting point for your transformation journey.
  2. The damtower management workshop: In this workshop, your project management team will receive an unbiased overview of the survey results. You will engage in insightful discussions with both EMG and damtower experts, gaining a clearer understanding of the gaps between perceived performance and reality. This workshop covers elements such as your organization’s mission, vision, and strategy, bringing further clarity to your sustainability landscape and goals.
  3. The damtower ‘Name & Shine’ workshop: Tailored to your organization’s unique situation, this workshop focuses on the specific areas identified in the survey analysis and management workshop. Through engaging, educating, and empowering your employees, our experienced experts challenge your workforce to integrate new ways of working into their roles. Fostering ownership and a can-do mentality, we ensure full alignment with your corporate strategy and goals.
  4. The damtower method™ concludes with a comprehensive management report consolidating the current state of your sustainability/CSR strategy. This report includes concrete recommendations for strategic and tactical improvements, co-created by your employees to enhance successful implementation. We recommend involving your Human Resources department to help integrate self-set goals and targets into KPIs. Furthermore, both the organization as an entity and every employee who participated in the workshop will receive certification. To maximize its impact, it is recommended to repeat the damtower method consecutively for a minimum of three years.

We confidently recommend the damtower method™ as the ultimate tool for fostering a healthy culture of sustainable thinking within your organization. It not only inspires but also empowers employees to drive positive change in line with corporate goals and strategy.

damtower method

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