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Drs Daan Elffers: chief executive of leading international advisory firm EMG Group, Elffers has extensive experience working directly with businesses, governments and non-profit organizations worldwide. Named one of the '100 Most Talented Leaders in CSR' by the World CSR Day organization, Elffers was the Chairman of the recent CSR Summits in Jeddah, Doha and Dubai - the longest running CSR summit in the region. Elffers holds degree from the Rotterdam School of Management and is on the CSR Expert Panel for the Department of Business Economics at Erasmus University in the Netherlands. He has been involved various international organizations as, to name just a few, Guest Member of the Circular Economy Taskforce at the World Economic Forum and a Strategic Advisory Council Member to the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, the world’s largest membership organization for sustainability professionals.

How to Chart_of_UN_Sustainable_Development_Goals

International governments have started implementing the principle of corporate social responsibility (CSR) into policies and strategies affecting all sectors of…

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