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Message from the Founder & CEO

Daan-Elffers-KSAOpportunity is everywhere While the sustainability challenges we face today have seldom been so pressing, the opportunities they bring for organizations that rise to these challenges have seldom been so great. Low-hanging fruit has typically been found in areas such as energy reduction, material minimization, and other forms of cost efficiencies. But how does a strategy focused on less help an organization to achieve more?

That’s where EMG provides a solution.

Our approach takes a much more ambitious, strategic view on CSR and sustainability, focused on empowering organizations to generate positive impacts financially, socially and environmentally. This way, organizations transform themselves into powerful engines for innovation and growth, contributing actively towards the development of strong and healthy communities, prosperous and sustainable cities and thriving ecosystems.

As organizations expand, so does their positive impact on society and environment.

Focusing exclusively on CSR and sustainable development, our award-winning advisory firm has built an excellent reputation and track record for delivering a culturally responsive and quality service since 2004. We pride ourselves on our capacity to empower leaders with energy, knowledge and direction, not only to overcome the complexity of today’s sustainability challenges, but to flourish.

Whether your organization needs training, strategy or organizational change, EMG shares your vision to become a leader in sustainability.

When you extend your vision into the right direction, opportunity is everywhere.

Drs Daan Elffers
Founder & CEO

Professional highlights:
Founder & CEO, EMG Group (2004)
EPEA Cradle to Cradle certified (2008)
Advisor, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute (2013)
Expert, CSR Expert Panel, Erasmus University Rotterdam (2014)
Guest Member, Circular Economy Taskforce, World Economic Forum (2015)
Member, Strategic Advisory Council, Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (2015)
Founder, Islamic Reporting Initiative (2015)
CSR Editor, Middle East Business magazine (2015)
Fellow, Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (2017)
Guest lecturer, universities and colleges, worldwide

Trainer, Cradle to Cradle Certified Assessors Training the Netherlands (2013)
Expert, Cradle to Cradle Marketing Leadership Roundtable, New York (2013)
International Expert, National CSR Concept for Kazakhstan (2013)
Chairman, CSR Summit Qatar (2013)
Keynote Speaker, CVORR – University of Leeds (2013)
Circular Economy Expert, The Guardian Sustainable Business (2014)
Chairman, Flagship CSR Summit Dubai (2014)
Peer Reviewer, IEMA Resource Management Report (2014)
Judge, CSR Awards Saudi Arabia (2014)
International CSR Expert to the Dutch Embassy in Jordan (2014)
Chairman, CSR Summit Saudi Arabia (2014)
International CSR Expert to the Dutch Embassy in Kazakhstan (2015)
Workshop Leader endorsed by George Washington University USA (2015)
Judge, CSR Excellence Awards Dubai (2015)
International Expert/ Speaker CSR for All, EU/Turkish Confederation of Employers (2015)
Keynote Speaker, Green Business conference, Istanbul (2015)
Panellist, Global Donors Forum, Istanbul (2015)
Lead, IRI Roundtable Discussion at UN COP22 side event in Marrakesh (2016)
Speaker, Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (2016)
Panellist, Global Islamic Finance Report launch in Dubai (2017)
Speaker, Cambridge Islamic Finance Leadership Programme (2017)
Personality of the Month, Islamic Finance Review (2017)
Participant, high-level meetings of the UN General Assembly at the UN Headquarters in New York (2017)
Panellist, high-level meeting on the strategic implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Muslim-majority countries, at the UN Office at Geneva (2018)