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CSR in China


CSR in China

More than any other five year plan, China’s 12th Five Year Plan, 2011-2015, focuses on quality of life over quantity of GDP. It offers a wealth of opportunities for international companies to sell technology, equipment and consultancy to China in many ways.

To help senior executives quickly get an overview of the strategic challenges and opportunities regarding CSR, we’ve compiled a summary of the CSR in China elements within the 105 page document: clearly listing the sustainable development actions planned by the Chinese Government.

The 20-page summary comes from preliminary research carried out in the course of a larger project on the 12th Five Year Plan for the European Commission by our senior consultant for China projects, Dr. Robin Porter. To our knowledge, until now no such transparent document exists elsewhere.

Covering the full spectrum of CSR from energy efficiency targets and low-carbon development strategies to climate change and the creation of a ‘green’ economy, we expect it will provide valuable practical insights for any executive dealing with China.

To receive the 23-page report CSR in China (PDF) free of charge, please click here. If you have specific questions regarding China relating to your own situation or how to capitalize on working with China, please email

Report CSR in China (PDF)


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