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Sustainability in alignment with your corporate strategy

Our strategic recommendation will enable your organization to effectively align its sustainability and CSR
credentials with the needs and expectations of its customers, better differentiate from its competitors,
and to more effectively benchmark progress towards the ideal competitive position set by the leadership
Moreover, this will strengthen relations with opinion groups and ‘credible voices’ in the field of sustainability and CSR, including assessment and rating organisations. The recommendations can serve as a practical tool for management to integrate strategic sustainability and CSR objectives, and to define the company’s ideal commercial positioning in the area of sustainability and CSR.

• Situational research & analysis
• Vision identification
• Benchmarking & performance
• Policy development & integration
• Action planning & targets
• Risk assessment & mapping
• Carbon footprinting & targets
• Positioning & communications
• Stakeholder engagement
• Strategy documentation
• Implementation

• Code of conduct & ethics
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An organization built upon responsibility is one informed of its social and environmental impacts and as such, one poised to tap into growth and investment opportunities. The process of developing a strategy captures this vital information which can be used to inform and enhance an organization’s development. Many forward-thinking organizations are already looking beyond their own immediate operations to those of their entire value chain and generating positive impacts on a global scale.

Integrating an appetite for economic progress with sustainability objectives provides not only a roadmap for competitive growth but can strengthen market position and transform and differentiate an organization in carving out a niche market.

EMG has extensive experience in creating holistic strategies that are integrated with an organization’s core objectives to generate real and measurable progress. Click here to contact us.

Strategy sustainable airlines

Airline sustainability is frequently the subject of debate in the context of climate change. In one vein, activists anticipate the quadrupling of emissions by 2050, and in the other, industry experts claim the ability to accommodate growth without a significant increase in emissions.

Implementation engage

For more than a decade, EMG has been the first choice for governments, businesses and nonprofit organizations to pioneer this transition, demonstrating its significant opportunity for employment, investment and growth. Contact EMG team for a tailor made CSR & Sustainability strategy.

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