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Stakeholder engagementThe role of organizations in protecting human, labor and environmental rights has been elevated in recent years with the launch of platforms such as the United Nations Global Compact, with the effect of encouraging organizations to become more attuned to social and environmental value.

• Stakeholder mapping & segmentation
• Community needs & assessments
• Stakeholder engagement strategy
• Strategy integration
• Communication strategy
• Training

Organizations pursuing such ventures are demonstrating a unique capacity to not only safeguard resources and secure talent for the future, but are yielding economic benefits and advancing their market position. They are achieving this through the development of strong and proactive partnerships with stakeholders, with whom a vision for a more prosperous future is shared.

EMG is highly experienced in stakeholder engagement and participatory methodologies. Supporting the development of new partnerships and the strengthening of existing ones, EMG helps organizational CSR/ sustainability goals to flourish.