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PhilanthropyFor centuries, organizations have engaged in philanthropic acts responsible for considerable progress in communities around the world. Traditionally considered an altruistic endeavour, philanthropy is increasingly being seen as a dynamic tool for ongoing change and progress. When aligned with the strategic objectives of an organization, philanthropy becomes a tool for self-generating value creation, evident in its capacity to lift people out of poverty through education and workforce skills and protect the environment through conservation and awareness-raising techniques.

• Strategic consolidation of activities
• Situational analysis
• Vision identification
• Strategic philanthropy strategy
• Implementation
• Stakeholder engagement
• Community needs assessment
• Training

Understanding philanthropy from a long-term perspective enables organizations to invest in society and the environment from which it can responsibly yield a multitude of benefits, and in this form can be referred to as strategic philanthropy. EMG recognizes the altruistic motivations for organizations to become benefactors of society and environment, and supports organizations in protecting the modesty of such acts of generosity while ensuring the greatest and most positive impact is made.