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CommunicationA targeted and intelligent communications campaign has the capacity to catapult forward a strategy and accelerate the realization of results. Organizations that have identified their target audiences and appropriate means through which to communicate are able to deliver their sustainability credentials in a manner that engages and strengthens stakeholder relations.

• Situational analysis
• Stakeholder engagement
• Design
• Action planning and delivery
• Social media
• Positioning and messaging

CSR and sustainability are powerful tools in gaining and retaining market share with consumers loyal to organizations they feel are operating responsibly, and in driving employee satisfaction. EMG supports organizations in developing and refining communication strategies to ensure that key sustainability messages are purposeful and well-targeted, helping organizations ensure that messages are complementary, aligned and appeal to new markets and stakeholders.


Terminology such as Corporate Responsibility (CR), Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (CRS), Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are often…