Author Megan Setchell

Holding a Bachelors degree in Geography and a Masters degree in International Development from the University of Bristol, Megan's interests span the environmental and social elements of CSR. Academically, Megan has researched the impact of the Aggregate Levy, an environmental tax introduced by the UK government, on the immediate environment and industry. Professionally, Megan's work in stakeholder engagement in the non-profit sector has generated interest in the potential value held in corporate-NGO relationships in delivering successful CSR strategies for sustainable development.

Strategy sustainable airlines

Airline sustainability is frequently the subject of debate in the context of climate change. In one vein, activists anticipate the quadrupling of emissions by 2050, and in the other, industry experts claim the ability to accommodate growth without a significant increase in emissions.

CSR in Middle East

Globally, we are moving towards a greener economy. Governments and businesses are not only declaring a commitment to sustainable models of operation, but are actively implementing national-level strategies to coordinate this transition. Embracing nature’s value in the Middle

Assessment & Analysis csr-in-kuwait

Current developments in our climate, such as the increasing frequency of extreme weather events, reveal the fragility of our relationship with the environment, and interestingly, we can look to the finance sector as an important player in redefining this. The finance sector can shape the future direction of our economy, and as such, may serve as a catalyst towards…

Circular & Green Economy H

Over one third of the world is embarking on what can only be described as a revolution; the green economy. At the 2012 Rio +20 Conference, the term Green Economy was recognized as a tool for achieving environmental, social and economic development and while the concept isn’t

Circular Economy & C2C

A keynote panel led by Ida Auken (Advisory Board Member of EMG and former Minister for the Environment, Danish Parliament) engaged the RESOURCE Event audience in a discussion relating to ingenuity around the world.

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