Author Bjorn Sanders

Drs Bjorn Sanders: Director of EMG The Netherlands. Bjorn is a business-driven sustainability consultant with a strong focus on project management. Holding a strong track record in operations and quality management, people management and supply chain optimization, he has worked on projects throughout Europe, Latin America, the USA, and also China where he lived for eighteen months overseeing the setup of a healthcare facility. Prior to joining EMG, Bjorn was director of the C2C ExpoLAB in Venlo. Passionate about CSR as an effective business model, he holds both a bachelor’s degree in commercial economics and a master’s degree in business economics from Nijmegen Business School. Bjorn is fluent in Dutch, English and German.

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MVO leiderschap: CEO belangrijkste drijfveer duurzaamheid. “MVO is meer dan alleen het naleven van de wetgeving. Een bedrijf heeft een…

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