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VIP CSR & Sustainability Course one-on-one in London/ Cambridge



VIP Sustainability course and its lasting impact
While the sustainability challenges we face today have seldom been so pressing, the opportunities they bring for organizations that rise to these challenges, have seldom been so great. Low-hanging fruit has typically been found in areas such as energy reduction, material minimization, and other forms of cost efficiencies.

Learning Outcomes
Participants will be empowered to take their careers to the next level, improving visibility and influence within their organization while simultaneously, strengthening the business through the application of newly acquired, relevant knowledge in:

  • CSR and sustainability strategies applied your industry
  • Application of knowledge in the formulation and implementation of effective strategies
  • Methods of measurement, including those on measuring the return on social investment (RSOI)
  • Leadership skills to ensure you can lead in the development and implementation of CSR and sustainability strategies

But how does a strategy focused on less help an organization to achieve more?
Focusing exclusively on CSR and sustainability, our award-winning advisory firm has built an excellent reputation and track record for delivering a culturally responsive and quality service since 2004. As a result, we pride ourselves on our capacity to empower leaders with energy, knowledge and direction. This will enable all to not only overcome the complexity of today’s sustainability challenges, but to flourish.
The participants of this training will also receive their “Black Belt CSR training VIP Sustainable Strategy and CSR” certificate to therefore verify their knowledge and successful completion.

Residential Format
The course has been developed in an innovative way and unique format which allows participants to actively engage in strategic experimental learning; in addtion the format contains team exercise and group lunch.

The residential course is delivered through a mixture of lectures, group discussions, review of case studies from the region. Also each session will have practical exercises, and coaching elements in supportive learning environment where participants build valuable connections and exchange ideas.

Challenging and thought-provoking program
Participants can expect a challenging and thought-provoking program that will inspire and enable action within your organization, and will furthermore position you as an expert in the field of CSR and sustainability within your organization.

By the end of this VIP Sustainability training participants will have covered the following:
•    Review of best CSR strategies, why and how
•    Creating CSR Strategy
•    KPI (Key performance Indicators) and return on Investment
•    Case study of Increasing your EBITA
•    Understanding The Social Impact of your CSR Programmes
•    Measuring Social Return on Investment
•    Creation of new CSR initiatives

If you are interested in one or more traininig sessions for your corporate teams, please contact EMG team to discuss your needs.

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