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Measuring Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Measuring social return on investment (SROI) training

Measuring social return on investment (SROI) training in Cambridge, London or Dubai

Through a wide range of workshops, seminars and networking opportunities, the EMG CSR help build your expertise in CSR and sustainability. EMG will be organizing a series of unique and useful training /courses in 2017/2018. The Certified trainings will be delivered by experienced EMG Consultants trained at Cambridge University for Sustainable development. Highly experienced in delivering high quality trainings including at CSR Summit Dubai, CSR Summit Oman and CSR Summit Saudi Arabia and numerous independent trainings in the GCC region.

All trainings are tailor made, plese contact us for a tailor made offer

Learnings and benefits for participants

Participants in this course will grow a much deeper understanding of the value of CSR and sustainability programmes, allowing for better recognition of how your organization creates social and environmental value, while building more financially sustainable business processes.

Through the training session, participants will be able to understand their program outcomes which reduce inequality, improve wellbeing and protect our environment sustainably, in unison with business practice and the experience of the people of the organisation. Key learnings include:

  • building a case for measuring social return on investment (SROI)
  • identifying and mapping key stakeholders
  • identifying the scope of the social return on investment (SROI) process
  • building a strategy and program, based on standardized practice
  • measuring and accounting for the broader concept of the 3P’s (people, planet and profit), establishing impact and evidencing outcomes
  • understanding and calculating social return on investment (SROI)
  • reporting and communicating social return on investment (SROI)

Across all sectors around the world, many organisations are building the necessary skills to measure and present social return on investment (SROI). Such oranisations are looking to inclusively demonstrate the added social, economic and environmental value of their operations, in order to meaningfully and effectively communicate to their stakeholders, increase investments and build a better understanding of their positive integration into society.

Who should participate?

People who want to measure and analyse the social, environmental, and economic value being generated by their organizational activities or by the activities they are funding or working on in partnership.

This social return on investment (SROI) training has been designed specifically for the broad range of organisations across the world; for third, public and private sectors and is relevant to start-ups and to established organisations, large or small.

This course is aimed at those in leadership roles in a business; directors, supervisors, and managers. It would be especially useful to those with direct responsibility for a company’s sustainability implementation and reporting, as well as those who are looking to increase their organisation’s profile, competitiveness and profitability through CSR.


Measuring social return on investment


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