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TrainingStrategies are realized when employees are engaged, committed and most importantly, informed. Gaining and coordinating the support of the organization serves to elevate strategy and spur action towards achieving key objectives.

• Introduction to CSR/ sustainability
• Business potential of CSR/ sustainability
• CSR/ sustainability standards
• Reporting
• Training of champions
• Train the trainer
• CSR manager training
• One-on-one bespoke sessions

Organizations seeking to ensure the success and longevity of their CSR/ sustainable development programs are engaging their employees in learning opportunities and guiding leaders on the latest methodologies, standards and legislation.

EMG’s certified and bespoke training courses and workshops aim to provide leaders and employees with comprehensive insights into CSR and sustainability exploring how best to apply the concept to their own organization. From general introductions to in-depth training on specific concepts of interest, emg provides services to large and small cohorts in group and ‘train the trainer’ formats.

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