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Assessment & reportingIntegrated reporting is an innovation in corporate reporting, encouraging the inclusion of robust CSR/ sustainability metrics into traditional financial reporting. Combining the analysis of financial and non-financial performance provides organizations with an additional layer of information for confident decision-making, and provides investors with a broader perspective on risk in the long and short term.

• Data collection
• Data and impact analysis
• Report development
• Communications strategy
• Social Return On Investment (SROI)
• Carbon footprinting
• Training

By presenting an organization’s values and governance model, well-communicated and inclusive reports can not only demonstrate the link between core strategy and commitment to a sustainable economy, but can help forward-thinking organizations to set goals and manage change more effectively, leading to a greater financial and social return on investment.

ResearchMarket and industry research can provide invaluable insight to help spark innovation, identify the sources of growth, and develop and maintain successful services and products. EMG’s qualitative and quantitative market research helps our clients understand consumer, competitor and comparable behaviors and experiences to better inform their own strategies.

• Trend analysis
• Comparative studies
• Green economy
• Waste management
• Water & energy solutions
• Employee engagement
• Community development
• Women empowerment
• Youth engagement

EMG provides organizations with insight into the most effective and appropriate activities relevant to the organization and delivers the findings in a format that spurs innovation.

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Current developments in our climate, such as the increasing frequency of extreme weather events, reveal the fragility of our relationship with the environment, and interestingly, we can look to the finance sector as an important player in redefining this. The finance sector can shape the future direction of our economy, and as such, may serve as a catalyst towards…

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The number of companies voluntarily producing sustainability reports has significantly increased since the first environmental reports were produced during the beginning of the 1990s. Nowadays, around 95 percent of Fortune Global 250 (G250) companies disclose social and environmental information either in a standalone or in an integrated report.